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With ancient mantras as their only guide, the Imorot had waited generation for the arrival of one special person. Perhaps that special individual had finally appeared and was now living among them? Who was that person? What I had read so far suggested that the person's life closely resemble the sacred history I knew. Perhaps he had returned to answer the prayer and pleas of his follower. What is possible?

The clone idea was a very specific idea to explore certain problems which are very deep problems within Islam using a literary device... It is very, very important for us to understand and appreciate what aspects of the Prophet's life, who is supposed to be a model for us, are purely historic and should be left in history and what part of his examples, are the examples that we should emulate and that will take us forward.' - Ziauddin Sardar, International Herald Tribune.

Incredible impact! Intercession describes our anxiety and concern of over-reliance on islamic history without thinking aboutand assessing it deeply. While reading it, it becomes clearer, more profound, more captivating, more disturbing!' - A.Samad Said, Malaysian National Laureate.

It is gripping, proactive stuff. I loved the bold intellectual challenge implied by the stunning last chapter. It is a novel of powerful questions, not easy answers.' - Alvin Pang, Poet and Editor.


  • Book Title: Intercession
  • Book Author: Isa Kamari
  • Publisher: Al Ameen Serve Holdings Sdn. Bhd.
  • ISBN: 9789833991907
  • Weight: 0.235 kg
  • No. of Pages: 256
  • Size (W x H): 115.00 X 185.00 mm

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