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  • SINAGANAGA, graphic designer, ilustrator, writer and blogger comes from the historic mousedeer-kick-dog town of Malacca in Malaysia and evolved into his present persona with Kuala Lumpur as his multifaceted backdrop. He considers himself the 'general' to a group of urban male friends who call themselves Sindiket Sol-Jah, who chat away their time at the local kedai mamak plotting to inject that 'post-pop' ingredient into their artworks for their DIY publications.
  • No longer involved in such harzardous as mountain-climbing, Sinaganaga now focuses on the mysteries and wonders of the digital media as offered by the handycam and digital camera.
  • Sinaganaga has taken part in the NOMA Concours for Children's Picture Book Illustrations and also illustrated for Asia/Pasific Cultural Centre for Unesco (ACCU), Tokyo.


    • Tajuk: All About Gragong (Hard Cover)
    • Pengarang: Zainuddin Jamil
    • Penerbit: Al Ameen Serve Holdings Sdn. Bhd.
    • ISBN: 9789833991785
    • Berat: 0.225 kg
    • Muka Surat: 24
    • Saiz: 210.00 X 210.00 mm

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