Siri Jaguh Atlet Malaysia Nicol David



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MALAYSIAN SUPERSTAR ATHLETES - Siri Jaguh Atlet Malaysia Nicol David

Nicol David is one of the best squash player in the world, and a star in her home country of Malaysia. The Penang-born athlete has been playing squash since she was inly five years old. She has spent her life working to become the best in her sport, and today, she’s at the top of her game.Get a view into the life of a sport star, from her early competitions to her goal of making squash an Olympic sport in the future. learn about Nicol’s amazing winning streak between 2007 and 2009-and discover how Nicol spends her time off the court.


  • Tajuk: Siri Jaguh Atlet Malaysia Nicol David
  • Pengarang: Shaina Indovino
  • Penerbit: ITBM
  • ISBN: 9789674303204
  • Berat: 0.136g
  • Muka Surat: 31
  • Saiz: 21.5 x 28 cm

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