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I Can Read Jumbo Package content:

  • 3 I Can Read text books level 1, 2 & 3
  • Video of songs and basic sounds which can be accessed through QR codes in I Can Read text books level 1, 2 & 3
  • 6 I Can Write activity books
  • 5 graded reading books
  • 3 sets of flashcards

‘I Can Read’ is interesting and effective because:

  • It is appropriate to the psychological development of children.
  • Phonemic awareness approach - Research has shown this approach of introducing basic sounds is the most effective method of teaching reading.
  • Key words approach - Basic reading skills are taught using simple everyday words.
  • Video supplements - The basic sounds of English are introduced through entertaining videos that can be easily accessed by scanning the QR codes given in the book.
  • It is in line with the preschool curriculum guideline.
  • Teaching guide for parents and teachers can be found on the bottom part of every page.

Graded Reading Series – 5 books suitable for early readers as it provides an interesting and simple storyline. Short sentences in the story make the reading process easier. Children are also introduced to new words gradually.

Package Contents:

  1. Text Book I Can Read 1
  2. Text Book I Can Read 2
  3. Text Book I Can Read 3
  4. Activity Book I Can Write 1a
  5. Activity Book I Can Write 1b
  6. Activity Book I Can Write 2a
  7. Activity Book I Can Write 2b
  8. Activity Book I Can Write 3a
  9. Activity Book I Can Write 3b
  10. Graded Reading - The Bug in the Jug
  11. Graded Reading - The Dog The Fox & The Ox
  12. Graded Reading - The Red Hen
  13. Graded Reading - What Is In The Big Pit
  14. Graded Reading - Dad & The Fat Cat
  15. Bacaan Dwibahasa (B. Melayu - English) - Nenek Di Bulan
  16. Bacaan Dwibahasa (B. Melayu - English) - Roda Merah
  17. Bacaan Dwibahasa (B. Melayu - English) - Lukisan Si Kerinting
  18. Bacaan Dwibahasa (B. Melayu - English) - Gergasi Pergi Kenduri
  19. Bacaan Dwibahasa (B. Melayu - English) - Aiskrim Matahari
  20. 3 Sets of I Can Read Flashcard


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