I Can Do It! - My ABC

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I Can Do It Too! 

  • I Can Do It Too! Series provides early reading opportunity for younger children.
  • Each book contains clear and attractive pictures of real life processes familiar to children's world.
  • Consequently, the processes can be turned into practical excercises to make learning more fun and meaningful.
  • Enjoy!


    • Tajuk: I Can Do It Too! Series - My ABC
    • Pengarang: Dr. Arif Jawaid & Hajjah Misna
    • Penerbit: Al Ameen Serve Holdings Sdn. Bhd.
    • ISBN: 9789673620654
    • Berat: 0.060 kg
    • Muka Surat: 16
    • Size: 190.00 X 190.00 mm

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