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A Guide To Children's Traditional Games Series : Da Da Ko

Children’s traditional games is one of the national treasures inherited since long ago. They are passed on verbally from one generation to the next. Only a few remains in modern times. The uniqueness of the games are apparent in the patterns, game rules, materials used, and the dialogues spoken. The games display immense creativity and imagination among the olden Malays.This series is a collection of 100 types of children’s traditional games. Each title is presented with the game’s background, the rules, methods to determine the winners, the voting system, and glossary with specified terminologies. Hence, it is recommended for educators, librarians,researchers, and scholars of cultures. This series includes a tutorial DVD on methods of playing the games for further understanding and more exciting experience.

Titles in this series :

• Ram Ram Rip
• Rangkai-rangkai Periuk (Pots Chain)
• Da Da Ko
• Datuk Harimau (Grandpa Tiger)
• Jarum Mas (The Golden Needle)
• Cak Lerang Benang Mas (Weave The Golden Thread)
• Tebang-tebang Tebuk (Cut Down and Bore)
• Congkak Lubang Sepuluh (10-Hole Congkak)
• Tingting Gula Batu (Hopscotch)
• Gelek Tempurung (Rolling The Coconut Shell)


  • Tajuk: Da Da Ko
  • Pengarang: Shamsul Anuar Nasarah, Ahmad Shahar Nasarah
  • Penerbit: DBP
  • ISBN: 9789834902568
  • Berat: 0.24g
  • Muka Surat: 70
  • Size: 24.2 x 19.1 cm

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